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California Dreaming

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Oi! I'm Tom. I'm a skinhead. This is my story. I used to live in Sacramento California where I was more of a punk then a skinhead. Hey, we all make mistakes. When I first started getting into punk more than 2 years ago I listened to bands like the Dead Kennedys and Anti-flag. It wasn’t until the beginning of my freshman year when I met my friend Derek from Texas.
He started getting me into Oi. I started listening to the 4 Skins, Cockney Rejects, UK Subs, and The Exploited. Derek started telling me about his hometown and about all the shows he's gone to and he told me about some of the neat skinheads he knew. I thought it was really interesting, all his stories about the skinheads. And how most skins he knew were cool as hell – and not anything like the media made them out to be.

The summer of '03 I was sent away to live with my grandparents in the Detroit, Michigan area. Don’t ask me why – it’s a long story!!! It's quite a change going from living in sunny California to wet, cold Michigan. During the summer in Michigan I started shaving my head and got into more Oi like Agnostic Front, Sham 69, Lower Class Brats, Blitz, Cock Sparrer, The Business, Oxymoron, etc.
Now, as you all know you can’t be a skin without some kick ass boots so I saved up enough money to buy a pair of cherry red 14i doc martens, which I then turned into oxblood boots with a lot of hard work.

One day while I was walking down the halls of my high school I saw a bunch of pictures of skinheads hanging on the walls. That’s right, pics of skinheads on a school wall, yellow skins, white skins, black skins. Guess what? Skins come from all backgrounds, with only one thing in common love of Oi. After that I decided go online and find out what skinheads were all about. I started to get very interested in becoming a real skinhead. Everything about becoming a skinhead seemed like a good idea.

So I’m a skinhead now and guess what? IT”S GREAT! Some people at my school think skinheads are all racist bigots, they couldn’t be more wrong. I like to "educate" people about the skinhead culture, besides it makes them more relaxed knowing what it’s all about. And that I’m not a racist fucker just a young bootboy.

I haven’t had one regret after becoming a skinhead; it has been so much fun. I love going to shows and skankin in the mosh pits. I have so much more to look forward to. So if you’re not a skinhead too - bad. You missing the best sub culture there is.



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