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Skinhead Victor

Skinhead Victor

Skinhead victor

I saw a skinhead for the first time when I was about ten years old. I remember his bald head, his cherry red boots, his red braces and his pants, which were tight as hell and rolled up nicely. When I saw him I thought, "Shit, this guy has got style."
I became a skin because I like to drink beers, have fun with my friends and mess around, but the thing which really made me into the skinhead cult was my love for the oi and ska music.

The only sad thing with being a skinhead is that many peolpe think you are are nazi or commie. They all have problems realizing that the media picture of skinheads is wrong. Another hard thing is that your hair is growing fast so you have to spend much time cutting it, I have to cut my hair like twice a week.
Can´t say my parents like my way of life, but what can they do? I just think they are afraid of what their friends think about their son who is skinhead. Sometimes my mom takes to hiding my boots when her friends are visiting. But I always can find them. At school many people seem to looking at me in a strange way, almost like they are afraid of me. But the most people know I am a friendly lad with a good way of living my life. I dont care about politics etc. Just hippies and faggets care about that shit.

I Can´t understand that people have so many fucking problemes with skinheads. The byrds are harder to get when you are skinhead. Most byrds prefer sailors instead of skinheads. That is how the situation is at my place but I hope it not is like that everywhere. Maybe living the life of the skinhead isn't always easy, but it is worth it. The special feeling you get when you wear docs and have a short cut hair is amazing and I don´t think other people have as much fun as we skinheads have. In my spare time I like to paint, go to good art exhebitions, read art books, drink beers with my friends, listen to music and watch football.

When I became a skinhead, did I not have any skinhead friends, but nowdays practically all my friends are skinheads. And belive me that is really cool, because somehow you have more fun with other skins than you have with "normal" people. I Guess it's because we like the same things.

In my future, I hope I will get a great job and a beautiful girl to share my life with. That was all for me!