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Skinhead Royalty

Skinhead royalty

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Skinhead royalty

The hardcore Oi! music scene, once the purview of the working class heroes, has a new leader, and he’s definitely not from the working class.
The Righteous Sir James Dunlap Esquire of Stained Boot, Ireland, has emerged as the brains and the money behind one of today’s hottest skinhead Oi! bands, The Righteous (www.therighteous.com) from Sweden on TKO Records / Chapter 11 Records.

Eighteen year old Sir James “Jimmy” as he’s called by his friends, has recently taken on the job of managing The Righteous, a hot new music Oi! band from Sweden.
Educated in Ireland, England, and the United States, Sir James is the son of the Earl of Stained Boot, one of Ireland’s most reclusive and wealthy families. Born to privilege, one wonders how Sir James would become a mover in the skinhead youth cult, which prides itself in its working class ethics.

It seems that Sir James has always been a bit of a rebellious soccer hooligan. When his family enrolled him in one of England’s most prestigious private schools, he refused and bunked off to enter a public school in London’s East End.

At school, he soon found out that upper class and family heritage means nothing to the sons and daughters of the working class. Sir James rapidly gave up his Saville Row wardrobe for the buzzcut, boots & braces, and Levi’s of the traditional skinhead.

At school, he joined the soccer team and also took a job as a popcorn vendor at one of London’s Picadilly Circus pinball parlors. It was here that Sir James was introduced to the rapid beat and teenage angst of Oi! music, and became an avid collector of the music of Sham 69, Cock Sparrer, Toy Dolls, Youth of Today, Negative Approach, The Pints, The Business, Oxblood, Oxymoron, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, The 4Skins, the Templars, etc.

His parents, hearing and fearing that he had become deeply “involved” in the skinhead Oi! scene, decided to send Sir James to America to stay at the Mid-Western Estate of his American relative, “Uncle Russ”, who had made his fortune in the music biz promoting such classic rock bands as the MC5, Iggy Pop, Creem, and The Who.

Again, Sir James refused to enroll in an American private academy, and entered a large American Suburban High School, where his good looks, skinhead clothes, and moshpit manners as well his beer drinking abilities, soon made him the talk of the school. It wasn’t long before Sir James hooked up with a local bootboy named Patrick, who happened to have a black belt in karate, and worked part-time as a bouncer at a local hardcore club. Before long, bootboy Pat and Sir James were skinhead mates, hitting all the Oi! shows in a tri-state area.

While with his family and his American mate Bootboy Pat on a winter ski trip to Sweden, Sir James met skinhead Bootboy Bob at a Smash-The-Disco concert in Stockholm. As it turned out, Righteous Robert was in a band then known as Genetic Garbage, and invited Sir James and Bootboy Pat to a rehearsal in Rimbo, Sweden. At the rehearsal, Sir James was totally turned on by what he heard and suggested that he might be able to get the money to produce a CD of the band’s work.

At a meeting with Jake the bassist, Sluggo the drummer, Chris, lead guitarist, and bootboy Bob, a.k.a Righteous Robert, it was agreed that Sir James would become the manager of the band, his only request that they change their name to “The Righteous”. He alluded to a historical meaning of the name (which at the time of the writing, we still haven’t been able to figure out.).

Returning to the USA, Sir James contacted a friend of his Uncle’s, Wayne Kramer of the legendary MC5 band, and asked him if he would care to produce The Righteous. But, because of previous commitments, Wayne suggested Sir James get in touch with Carl Fritscher of the great New York Oi! band, the Templars.

In a phone call to Carl, Sir James made a deal where Carl would fly to Sweden and produce The Righteous’ first CD entitled, “And The Saga Begins” on Chapter 11 records.

Twelve months have passed, and Carl has flown to Sweden again to produce another yet unreleased new CD titled “9 Days Hung”. The title is a reference to the Nordic god, Odin, the king of all the gods in Norse mythology.

When asked how it feels to be a manager of The Righteous, Europe’s hottest new Oi! band, Sir James smiles and says “I gave up the privileged life to become a skinhead, and skinheads are all about pride and working-class values. So let’s just say that I’m “proud”, that I’m “working” my ass off for The Righteous, and I love every minute of it.





One may e-mail Sir James Esq. at specforces1@aol.com