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Getting Used To

Nuthuggers do take a Little Getting Used To

Nuthuggers do take a little getting used to

Hey what’s up? I’m James, I'm 15 years old, and this is my story. I grew up in Michigan and I am still here, unfortunately. Somehow I managed to pass grade school and jr. high by just screwing around. Then I got to High School and realized sitting on my ass wasn’t an option anymore, all to late.   Failure was the name of the game I was playing.  Time for a change.

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Then, one day, my best mate Mike took matters into his own hands - and look what happened. 

I have been a freshcut for a little more than three months. Ok, so I am a freshcut, but remember we all have to start somewhere, so give me a break, calm down! Before I became a skin I had some messed up purple hair and a life to match. Now I’m a clean cut traditional skinhead. My docs are so fucking shiny you can see your reflection in them.  A good spit shine will do wonders to an old pair of docs. The braces are cool, too, though the nut-huggers do take a little getting used to. I enjoy listening to metal and other fast-paced music. I’m just starting to get into the whole ska/Oi! music. Drop Kick Murphy, Righteous, Rancid, The Business, Laugger Lads, Piss and Broke, The Templars and the Addicts are all cool. I dislike most sports, except possibly soccer.  However I do enjoy activities that require thought you know a skin that can think.

Ever since I became a skin I learned who my real friends were and who the ignorant bastards were. It’s cool though because you don’t want friends like that anyway. I think that the look I get from people is funny (you know the one). What’s even funnier is the fact that some people are afraid of skins even though they don’t know what it is all about (kind of like spiders and the dark). What I think is stupid is skins on the internet are always bashing and putting down each other, when they should be celebrating the fact that they are members of one of the most popular and oldest youth groups in the world. I'll see ya around. Oi! jim5s.jpg (9989 bytes)

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