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New Gallery 2005  Skinhead Tomas

Skinhead Tomas


Skinhead Tomas

Hello and Oi!
I’m Tomas from Slovakia, but in America, where I go to school, most of my mates call me Tom.
I’m 19 years old and have graduated from an American high school and a Slovakian high school. How about that, two diplomas! Presently I am a college freshman here in the Midwest in the USA. I live in America with a great host family. My mom and Dad still live in Slovakia and I go home every summer to see them.

I was not a skinhead in Slovakia as many of the skinheads there are racist. It would be hard for me to be a skin back home as one of my best friends is an African-Slovakian. In fact, racism sucks. I judge each individual as a person and not as a member of a group. Unfortunately the worldwide media has poisoned the minds of many people and they think that all skinheads are racist bad guys. Not true! Most of the skins I have met here in America are more interested in spending time with their byrds and having a beer with their mates than hating people.
I became a skinhead after I met some American traditional skins – skinner Mike, Bootboy Pat and Oi Boi Ethan. They took me to an Oi/ Ska concert and before long I was “skanking” in the mosh pit and having one hell of a good time. Skanking with Nike tennis shoes is not so cool, therefore I could not wait to save up money to buy a pair of 14-eyelet Doc Martens. My mates took me to a punk/skin store where I found just the pair I wanted. It took a few days until I got used to wearing them and to learn how to spit shine them, but now I wear them all the time. Plus, Bootboy Pat gave me a few Fred Perry shirts so now Fred Perry shirts, Slim Jim Levi's and braces are my favorite form of dress. Oi.

Learning about the skinhead world has been a really interesting lesson for me. I like the skinhead code of honor of “working class ethics” and “keeping the faith”. And I must say that skin crews really know how to party down. Plus some of the byrds at college now come up to me and rub my baldhead. I love it. I haven’t met a skinhead byrd yet, but maybe my luck will change.

Oh yes, BootBoy Pat brought over his clippers one night and took my crew cut down to a number 1 buzz cut. Hey, I’m a skinhead. Take a look at my before and after pictures. Also Bootboy Pat has a cool motor cycle and we go zooming around town. What a blast…

I work part-time doing odd jobs in the city and spend a lot of time with my dog pal Blackout, a black Labrador Retriever. Of course, most of my free time is spent studying, doing homework, and listening to music. I love all kinds of music. From Oi, Hardcore, Ska, Techno, Hip-hop and even Classical. Hey, music is music.



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