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Urban Nights


Suburban Days and Urban Nights


Suburban Days and Urban Nights
joe2s.jpg (14739 bytes) Oi! I live in the suburbs during the day and I play in the city at night. Hey, it’s the American way. Does this piss you off? Sorry about that, but that’s what is. It is reality 1999 for me.
My name is Joe. I’m 17 years old and claimed skinhead status about a year and a half ago. Its not easy being a freshcut. Particularly when you’re surrounded by "preppie wannabes" and "football jockos." Plus the anti-skin, nazi media hype has got to them, so most are narrow minded, as is the general public, when it comes to what a skinead really is. joe1s.jpg (10675 bytes)
joe4s.jpg (13527 bytes) I’m a skin and proud of it.  I have a part-time job after school, and earn my own way.  My family is not poor, nor are we rich; just middle class. So, you skins with an agenda of the left or the right, no lectures please, just buzz off.
To me a skin is a person who is not ashamed of work, and has pride in himself, his crew and his country. A real skin doesn’t play God and make judgement calls on people who are different from himself. And he doesn’t go around saying who is superior and inferior in the world's pecking order. I’m a skin who lives and let lives, does his own thing, and if it works for me…good for me. joe8s.jpg (14432 bytes)
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joe6s.jpg (12381 bytes)
I claimed skin status first because of the music. I love oi, hardcore, and in fact I like music from oi to classical, from Madness to Garbage. Right now I’ve been working on some techno. I’ve been spinning nights at a techno club here in ghetto Motown, and if that doesn’t fit in with your skin image, scratch it. Secondly, I became a skin because of the style. I like the trim look versus the floppy look. When I have my 14 eyelet docs spit-shinned and laced up, I feel proud and sharp. Hey, it makes me feel just great. Plus a lot of kids at school just get out of my way when I’m walking the halls…skin fear I call it.
As for the byrds, most of them like the skin look. Particularly after they get over the media hype and realize it’s what’s inside this bald head that’s important. joe7s.jpg (14597 bytes)
joe3s.jpg (12711 bytes)

joe11s.jpg (15157 bytes)
Well, that’s my story. If you’d like to touch base with me, just e-mail me at skinjoe41@hotmail.com.

Cheers & Beers,


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