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Skinhead Style


Style Alone Does Not a Skinhead Make

Style Alone Does Not a Skinhead Make
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Oi! Oi! Oi! How are you doing? My name is John, and I'm proud to say that I've been a Detroit skin for about 2 1/2 years now- thanks to a great Detroit Oi band, Piss & Broke, they're the best. Saw them kick ass in a show and decided then and there that the skin life was for me. Sure...it was kind of tough walking the halls of my high school as a skin at first, but eventually all the stares and comments under peoples' breath became very entertaining for me. But hey, fuck 'em. Well, on to my story.
I became a skin my junior year of high school. I did my homework by reading George Marshall's Spirit of 69, and seeing the video Made in Britain. It was quite the change from the blue-haired, baggy pants hippie I had become. Hahaha! Anyway, I decided to make the claim because I was really drawn to the slim, clean-cut look. I realized what I fool I looked like in those Junco Jeans. GOD! I can't believe I actually wore those things! But it was probably the 14-eyelet Doc Marten's (I also just got anew pair of Grinders), and the Ben Sherman's that caught my attention. From there, I just got further hooked into the skin style...Fred Perry's, sta-pressed, braces, and of course, a buzzcut! john4s.jpg (14111 bytes)

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But style alone does not a skin make. I like to think of myself as a hard worker, which fits in perfectly with the skinhead working class youth image. I don't sleep a lot, and very rarely sit around doing nothing. I go to school full time, and don't have time for political bullshit. In fact, you can stick politics up your hairy ass. I'm also an entrepreneur. I've had my own video production company for about a year now. And I work like a bastard making my customers happy. I must say it supports me quite well. From time to time I'll take a break from work, but I have to watch out. This skinhead has a cell phone bill to pay, and all the bullshitting with byrds sometimes makes the bill pretty high.
I'm into many different kinds of music. Hardcore, Oi, Punk, Ska, Rock, Techno...anything but country or rap. I can't stand that crap! If you're a weirdo and curious as to my fav band, you may be a little surprised- it's Garbage. There's just something about their music that I can't find in hardly any other bands. So no apologies! I like Garbage, including the band formerly called Genetic Garbage (which is now Righteous), from Sweden. john9s.jpg (12191 bytes)

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john8s.jpg (14317 bytes) That's it! I don't know much else to say about myself. If you want to get in touch with me, just email me at rum_n_coke151@hotmail.com. And please, no extremist mail, just bunk off.  - john