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Pretty Cool


My Story?" - Pretty Cool!!!

My Story?" - Pretty Cool!!!
But you may not want to read about my life and hard times. After all, Iím a three month old freshcut, just turned 18, high school skinhead. Mikeís the name, and racism is NOT the game. Iím into byrds, cars, and soccer. mike8s.jpg (10826 bytes)
mike10s.jpg (12020 bytes) Yes. Iím a skin. Even though, after cruising the internet skin sites, who the hell knows what a true skin is? Oi Skins, Trad Skins, Red Skins, Rude Skins, Queer Skins, Yellow Skins, Sharp Skins, and White Power Skins. In fact, most of the virtual-reality skinheads seem to be self anointed, self opinionated ego-maniacs. But Oi! Itís okay! Everyone has the right to their views of the cult. But just let me have mine. Get it???
So here it goes. Iím a high school fuck-up. Lousy grades, poor attendance, and a detention room regular. Yet I'm a proud skin. Iíve worked in a car wash for over two years- just like Dirk from the other skin story. Creamed my car, got busted for drinking and smoking- tobacco by the way, and yet Iím a proud skin. And I like the scene, as I see it. Cool music, cool clothes, cool brews, and excellent mates. My crew isnít big, but weíre tight and have fun with a capital ĎFí. Sorry if this doesnít fit into your definition of what a skinhead should be, but it fits mine just fine. mike13s.jpg (12589 bytes)

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Three months ago, when I first kicked off my vans for a pair of black, steel-toed, 14-eyelet docs [expensive little motherís arenít they], itís been all up hill. Buzzcuts, braces, 501 Levis, Sta-Pressed, Fred Perrys. Sure, some of the assholes in schools make comments, and one even jacked me in the face at a party, before my crew tore it up. But Oi, thatís life in the big city. [Check out the shiner on my pic].
And in three months as a skin, I found out who my real friends are. They have accepted the "skin me" w/o comments or smart remarks. Only my phony friends made wisecracks and put me down. So the first lesson I learned about being a skinhead is walk tall, be proud, and keep the faith. The second lesson, is screw the weirdoes who just donít know, donít want to know, and will never, understand the skin feeling. The third lesson is that everyone thinks they know what color means in our bootlaces and braces. Heavy, but it just ainít so. And the fourth lesson, which I knew before I became a skin, is that politics and politicians, be they the left or the right, are fucked. Just leave me alone, and let me dig the music, the pride, and my crew. mike6s.jpg (9515 bytes)

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No Meacupas! I like being a skinhead. I even like being a fresh cut, and most of all I feel good about myself as a skin. Plus the music and skanking is pretty cool. Later. -Mike
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