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I Liked It, So What the Hell, I Became a Skin!

I Liked It, So What the Hell, I Became a Skin!
pat7s.jpg (11442 bytes) Oi! from Colorado. My story well, it really got started when I was in the eleventh grade in high school. My brother’s college buddy Alex was hosting a Ska video program for a class assignment, and needed a "herbert" for a buzz cut scene. Guess who got lucky? Me!
I already had a pair of Docs and Braces and was hanging out with some local punks and skins at the Oi shows. So my brother volunteered "me" for the buzz cut. Funny thing happened. I LIKED IT. So what the hell, I became a skinhead. To my surprise more people paid attention to me than ever before. And the byrds loved me!   So what more can a skinhead ask for? pat2s.jpg (12428 bytes)
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I didn’t know much about the skinhead scene, but after a few run-ins with some local boneheads I decided I had better find out what the scene was all about, and determined whether or not I really wanted to be a skin. So I hit the internet and WOW! There were hundreds of sites about skinheads and what the various factions believed in. About this time I also started to pick up on Oi and hard core tunes by The Business, the Templars, Righteous, Black Flag, Dropkick Murphy, etc. You guessed it. I dug it!
Also, Ziv, a skinhead in another school, let me borrow of his collection of a ‘zine called ‘The Skinhead Times." Before I knew it I was a card carrying, boot stomping, stage diving, skanking traditional skinhead. I am now a sophomore at a junior college here in Colorado. I work during the winter as a snowboard instructor. Fun as hell.  I pick up any work I can during the summer.  Any offers? pat1s.jpg (12222 bytes)
pat3s.jpg (13589 bytes) The best part of my life is being a skin. There is nothing in the world that makes me feel better than being a skinhead, lacing up the cherry red 14-eyelet docs, putting the braces over my shoulders, and facing the world, knowing that I am part of the traditional and proud working class skinhead movement.
Sorry I don’t have an email address right now, but if you are ever in the state of Colorado and see a skin on a snowboard it’s probably me!



If you would like to reach me, email bigsur@mathcurves.com

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